Why Spinning Mill House?


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The land for the house was purchased from Lord Dartmouth by George Henry Walker in 1897.

George Henry Walker had formerly resided at The Commercial Inn and was cited as being “ the constant friend of everything for the good of Slaithwaite.”

G.H. Walker Esq was a founding director of  Slaithwaite  Spinning Company, a cotton mill in a worsted valley. This company was founded from a land and building society in 1876. Land at that time was 2s. 6d per yard.

Later that year the building society was merged into a cotton spinning company, thus bringing together “capital & labour.”

There were four buildings constructed along New Street for Slaithwaite Spinning Co, and some lifelong residents of the village can still remember them.

Slaithwaite still has thriving businesses involved with the manufacture and design of textiles in the contemporary world of fashion and soft furnishings.

Spinning Mill House has a number of original features and a few new ones!

We aim to make your stay comfortable and relaxing, so please let us know if we can make any improvements.


We love the house, our home, and hope you do too.

We hope you enjoy your stay.


Jane & Mike 


June 2013


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